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Velvet Condoms for Female

Rs. 110
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Brand: Condoms Bazar
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Specifications of Velvet Condoms for Female
Type N/A
Feature Female Condoms
Good For It prevents unwanted pregnancy,
Brand Moods
Size 3 pcs
Inventory Type N/A
Expiry Date Jul 31, 2016
Composition No Of Condoms in a box: 3 Length: 163-183mm, Width: 76-83mm Lubricated : Yes Reservoir end: Yes Velvet is made of very fine nitrile (non latex material), and makes the act of love making more intimate and pleasurable. The two rings are designed to stimulate both the man as well as the woman during intercourse. Many couples appreciate the difference in sensation, and describe the rings as increasing pleasure fot both.
Main Features 1 It prevents unwanted pregnancy
Main Features 2 Velvet is not difficult to use
Main Features 3 Is made of very fine nitrile (non latex material)
Features of Velvet Condoms for Female
 Velvet Condoms for Female 
Please read the instruction leaflet carefully before use.

How safe is Velvet?

Extremely. It prevents unwanted pregnancy, as well as STIs like Trichomoniasis, Chlamydia, Herpes, Syphilis and HIV.
It does not contain any drug and hence does not cause any side effects.
Velvet can be used safely even wen the woman is using any other medications.
Velvet is not difficult to use and becomes easier with practice over time.
Many couples seem to enjoy the insertion itself.
There are many insertion positions. Do discover which one works best for you. Most couples suggest making the insertion part of foreplay, as it is easier and more enjoyable.
Some women do find the inner ring slightly uncomfortable in the neginning. But if you experience discomfort, please check if it has been pushed inside far enough, or try an oil- or water- based lubricant.

Can Velvet be used during your periods?

Yes. Velvet does not interfere with menstruation and can therefore be used during your periods.
Some women find it very useful as the inner ring traps the blood and enables them to have intercourse.
Now that you know a little more about Velvet, go ahead and try it. It'll bring you closer.

About female condoms : 

A female condom is a device that is used during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections.

The female condom is a pouch with flexible rings at each end. Before vaginal intercourse, the ring inside the pouch is inserted deep into the vagina, holding the condom in the vagina. The penis is directed into the pouch through the ring at the open end, which stays outside the vaginal opening during intercourse.
Reviews of Velvet Condoms for Female
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How to insert a Vaginal Condom 1. Tear open the sachet with the Condom gently. Ensure you donít tear the Condom so please donít use a scissor of a knife to open it. 2. Youíll now have a rather large Condom with two rings on either ends. The smaller ring at the closed end will go in your vagina and hold the entire sheath together from the inside. 3. Grasp this inner ring, squeeze it enough with your thumb and index finger so that it becomes long and narrow. Now try to insert this end into your vagina while it is long and narrow. 4. You can do this while standing, sitting, lying down or in any position that opens your vagina as much as possible. The inner ring will 5. Gently insert it all the way up your vagina, place your index or middle finger inside the Condom to gently guide it. Try not to twist the Condom in the process though. If you have a deep vagina, then ensure the outer ring remains outside the vagina. We would also suggest you get your partner to do this too, spices up the foreplay and keeps him focused. 6. You now are ready. Gently lead his quivering member (Courtesy of Mills & Boons, we meant Penis) with your hand into the Condomís opening. Make doubly sure that it has not entered through the sides, makes the whole exercise irrelevant then. 7. Enjoy. 8. When done, please twist the Condom up from the outside before pulling it out gently. This will ensure that there is no spillage of semen onto the outer walls of your vagina. Dump it into a garbage bin. Do not dump it in the toilet, it will block your pipes, and for heavenís sake, donít reuse it.


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