Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and Accessories

Custom Designs And Company Logos Digitized
An embroidery needle may also be used Burlap Cutaway Choose solid, stitch-filled designs. Microfiber Cutaway Choose small to medium-size stitch-filled designs. Sherpa Cutaway Solid-filled designs; avoid sheer or Redwork designs.

Marine Corps challenge coins
Check out for Marine Corps Challenge Coins. Don’t get caught without your challenge coin! Select from over 100 Marine Corps Challenge Coins for Division’s Veteran, Air Wing, Rank Conflicts, Units, Duty Stations and more. Available at You’ll also find all the Marine apparel you love to wear, only at eMarine PX

Fashion Stylist
Anna Neimark is a San Diego-based style expert and speaker, certified for Personal and Fashion styling through the School of Style. Anna has a background in physics and engineering, but her true passion is empowering people with confidence, one outfit at a time. Anna provides one-on-one styling services that leave her clients confident, loving themselves, with their outward representation a match for who they really are.

Dance Fashion
Celebrity Work This year Kelly received world wide press when she designed the Sony Ericsson Dress. While working for Nieman Marcus Kelly fine tuned her eye for couture detail. She has been Providing high level competitive ballgowns for professionals and amateur compeditors for 15 years.

Island Wear
BRAH DA BING - BRAH DA BOOM Island Style T Shirts and Apparel. They are lovers and fighters, loyal and crazy, strong and gentle, smooth and rough, fierce and friendly, loving and dangerous. BRAH DA BING - BRAH DA BOOM Shop.

Valentine gifts baskets for kids
We specialize in all occasion gift baskets for children. Call us with a special request and a theme, and we will make your customized gift basket. GiftBasket4Kids

Night Time Lullaby Music
Join the hundreds of families whose children go to sleep smiling and connected to their hearts while listening to our Dream Child Audiobook with Songs CD as part of their bedtime routine. Find out why hospitals, family hospices, and therapists choose this CD to help children feel good. It is particularly helpful sleeping aid for children with sleep problems, ADHD, anxiety, or other bedtime problems.

Hemp Products
Finding high quality hemp products is not as easy as it sounds. So many fly by night companies have come and gone within the past year, it can be difficult to know which one to trust. At, their customers can testify to the quality of every hemp product they purchase, so you can feel confident that the potency and quality match that which you deserve.